Finding Jervis Bay Part 2

February 18th 2015 – The outdoor shower and the Bungalow
Coming back from the lagoon we were all in a hurry to settle down, however there was one obstacle “the outdoor shower”. One of the condition of renting out the bungalow was that we would use the outside shower to wash away any sand or dirt. I went first. This was the first time using an outdoor shower. Even though I had my swimmers on, it was quite an awkward experience. . The shower door only covered a portion of my body and with your friends staring at you it didn’t help much either. A fun experience nonetheless.    Shower

The bungalow comprised of two floors. Top floor was spacious occupied by a few furniture, a whopping king size bed and a door that led outside to the veranda connecting to another house. The bottom floor was a mixture of the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. With little to no dispute we agreed upon having the bottom floor for the males and top floor for the females. The bungalow was quite a decent accommodation for the price we paid. 5/5


February 18th 2015 – Dinner
Exhausted and hungry we ripped apart a precooked chicken and neatly reorganized it onto a plate to share along with a packet of salad. Dinner table was set and we all dug into the food. Without salt, pepper and salad dressing the food was pretty bland. We could all read off each other’s faces that the food needed more Om-ft. In desperation we took out a can of SPAM. We put that thing straight on the frying pan to bring out the salty goodness. With that high saturated salt content we were able to give flavour to the chicken and salad. Dinner was saved. That thing was a legend. Note: whenever you go on a trip to somewhere take a can or two of spam with you.

Dinner went by nicely. We shared stories and got to know each other better.


February 19th 2015 – The night.
We took out a bottle Jack Daniels and Coke what more to say. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


February 19th 2015 – Official Day 1 of the trip
The sun slowly made its way into the bungalow. I was awoken by a hyped girl contemplating whether to go outside or not. With little time to waste I joined her to see what Jervis had to offer in the morning. We decided to walk around the neighborhood to find some kangaroos. The pursuit was over before it began. The place was ruled by kangaroos. We were surrounded. They were everywhere. We took some photos of the kangaroo and walked around the neighborhood. After a few shots we headed back to begin our official day 1 journey.


Chinaman’s Beach
The first beach we decided to head was Chinaman’s beach. The beach had a calm atmosphere. The waves were slow compared to the previous beach. It had its own little charm. Chinaman’s beach was perfect for relaxation. The highlight of the beach was the dolphins in the distance. It would have been awesome to swim along with them.

chinamansOnward to the next beach.