Beam Me Up, Scotty

Hey guys, its Nemo. Hope you guys are awesome as always and healthy both physically and mentally. Can you believe it! It’s already the 3rd month of 2016, 9 more and its happy new years all over again. Okay enough, let us not dwell on the future. Let us focus on the present, the current, the now.

Quick brief up on what’s been happening

  • Re-organised my weekly schedule
  • Re-design my blog site
  • Re-designed my website layout (
  • Re-designed my resume (Finishing uni this year )
  • Explored Blue Mountains and places around Sydney
  • Got back into running and staying fit
  • Finally Cleaned Car (for those who don’t know my car was quite messed up from road trips)
  • Photography (Timelapse of Sydney night life)
  • Started being part of social media – Tig Source and Twitter.
  • That’s about all I can think of.
  • Wait also new project – Beam Me – mobile game.

So let’s being todays topic. What is “Beam Me”? Well first we need to look into the most recent failures of 2015.


Knob&Stud – This was a solo attempt game for ludum dare about a farmer called Knob and a pig named Stud. The game was a puzzle game in which Knob and Stud had their own individual set of rules such as Knob couldn’t swim whereas Stud could swim, Knob could chuck Stud, etc. You controlled Knob and Stud to solve puzzles which involved using each other’s pros and cons to over come obstacles. The best part was being able to chuck the pig. I had a ton of enjoyment chucking Stud. But the verdict was the game never finished due to a few reasons.

  • Since this was a game for ludum dare, I had to work with a few constraints. The theme was two button system. I originally had it focused on using the left and right mouse button to do everything, from chucking/ jumping/ walking. The game had to many mechanics/gimmicks for two buttons.
  • Hardware/Software constraints. I had a few hiccups at the start of this particular jam, unfortunately my main computer decided to catch a virus which took up all of the ram. I couldn’t use any software. So I was stuck to using my Surface, which wasn’t bad at first. But I soon ran into problems of having to draw art on Gimp. I could not stand drawing with a mouse, especially a heavy wireless one.
  • Time constraint – Tutorial and Gameplay. The game jam was 48 hrs long. Art was coming out at a slow rate, so I made it real simple. The programming side was smooth without many hiccups. The main problem was getting content into the game. Teaching the players each mechanics wasn’t too hard but when it came to building harder levels I came to brick wall. I couldn’t make complex puzzles because that required more mechanics, which meant more tutorials, which meant more art. I did not have time for it.


The game ended up being simple tutorials of the mechanics of Knob and Stud which wasn’t too fun. I decided not to upload it to the competition as I wasn’t confident with the game.

I learned a valuable lesson from making this game

  • Don’t catch a computer virus just before a competition.
  • Get a better wireless mouse.
  • Design to the theme. I should have known that with 2 buttons I couldn’t do a game which involved a lot of game mechanics. I over complicated the game. I should have focused on what was fun and ditch the part which wasn’t necessary. Should have focused the game around chucking the pig.
  • Spend more time on designing/ quick prototypes.

I took these lessons and applied it to my new project “Beam Me”. Beam Me is a reflection of all the failures that happened in 2015.

I re-attempted at a game using the theme – two button system.



Beam me is a mobile arcade game. The control scheme utilizes two buttons. The goal of Beam me is to control an alien spaceship which revolves around a planet while beaming up fallen alien soldiers and avoiding contact with any incoming hazards. The game has different planets to explore, each planet having their own unique objectives, hazards, and challenges.

I started this project at the start of this year to get myself familiar with the processes required to get a game onto the mobile market. I thought a simple game like Beam Me would help me achieve that. The game is relatively small scoped but with possibilities to build upon if needed. The current build is just a prototype and I still have a few more features ahead of me.

For more about Beam Me I started a tigsource blog for more awareness.

Next post will be about how Delirium influenced in designing Beam Me. Till then Ciao and Stay Awesome. Nemo Out!




Ludum Dare Results!

Hey Nemo signing in, It’s been a while since I’ve gotten the results for ‘Link’ the game that my friend and I created for Ludum Dare 30! however i was unable to make a post in time. Back to the news! One word ‘Wow’. So my friend and I were both surprised and humbled at the results that we got back. Here is the run down!


Coolness 69%
#9 Fun(Jam) 4.18
#33 Innovation(Jam) 4.03
#45 Overall(Jam) 3.95
#72 Humor(Jam) 3.52
#75 Audio(Jam) 3.81
#124 Mood(Jam) 3.65
#270 Graphics(Jam) 3.63
#413 Theme(Jam) 3.11

Okay, so the table might not make a lot of sense to those who are new to Ludum Dare. Well, the #no. next to the category is a rank. Which means ‘Link’ made it into the top 100 list! tied at 45th place out of a total of 1045 other game entries. The highest rank obtained was for the fun category which came at 9th place, which meant the game was entertaining (wooo). And the lowest rank was theme (aww) ahaha, I guess my metaphorical interpretation of connected worlds was too vague and nonexistent. Something that I’ll work on for the next Ludum Dare 31+! : )

I’d like to thank everyone who voted and commented! For all the helpful feedbacks and kind comments. I look forward to the next Ludum Dare to achieve better results :D.

For those who have not yet tried the game here is a link to ‘Link’

So what’s next Nemo?

What to do, what to do with the game now. Well, I do want to work on adding a few new features such as a tutorial, an online high score board and enhance graphics (some feedback said the cop lights were giving them seizure ahaha). Apart from those small features, I am not sure if my friend and I will be making ‘Link’ into a full game (a proper story, progressive level, more gameplay). I have no definite plans at the moment. As for now the game itself is what it is ‘a short Ludum Dare Game’ and I sorta like it the way it is. I’ll keep you guys updated if there happens to be any new plans to game.

Overall, taking part in this competition was a very positive experience, it helped me grow into a better game developer,  a better version of myself.

Nemo out.

Let’s talk The Stanley Parable


-The Stanley Parable is a first person exploration game. You will play as Stanley, and you will not play as Stanley. You will follow a story, you will not follow a story. You will have a choice, you will have no choice. The game will end, the game will never end.

Hey Guys Nemo here with a game review about The Stanley Parable. The game was originally released as a Half Life 2 mod in 2011, however The Stanley Parable was remade and released on Steam late last year via Steam Greenlight. The original modder, Davey Wreden teamed up with William Pugh to build on the initial concept, update the graphics, expand the story and develop what I think is a pretty stunning gaming experience that I have tried in a very long time. The game is quite simple, which revolves around simple choices and why we make them.  In a lot of ways it could be an art school graduate’s final piece: it’s very meta, making comments on game design, storytelling and the nature of choice as you play out every imaginable possibility in the game. It takes you places, in the game and in your head, and it makes you actually think about your choices. You care because the game remembers your selections. The more you try to figure out how it works, the more the game rewards you, and the more it tries to get in your way. It’s fun, it’s different and I definitely recommend you to give it a try.