Finding Jervis Bay Part 3 Finale

February 19th 2015
A short drive from Chinaman’s we arrived at Collingwood Beach. The beach was vast and had low waves compared to the other beaches. A perfect beach for skim boarding and kite surfing. The sky was populated with local kite surfers. It was a shame that we didn’t have our skim boards nor any kites with us. At first glance the beach didn’t seem to offer much apart from the stunning view. Until we started discovering the hidden gems of the beach. The beach offered many quick sand pits. One particular spot dragged us down to our knees.


We left the beach after satisfying our inner child. On the way back we dropped by the super-market where we stocked up on dinner and some adult treats – more Jack Daniels. Once we got to the bungalow we prepared our dinner. Dinner was pasta. Dessert was Weis’ and Jack Daniels. Another day gone. One more left.


February 20th 2015
I don’t remember much about this morning. I remember waking up on the bed of the second floor. Somehow we had ended up changing beds with the girls. We had a lot to do during the morning. We had to :

  • Clean the Bungalow
  • Reorganise the furniture
  • Pack our bags
  • Eat the leftovers as breakfast
  • Load the car with baggage
  • Lock the Bungalow for the very last time.

It was kinda sad that we had to leave the Bungalow. I got attached to the place during the short stay. The place felt more like home that my actual home in Sydney.
We left the Bungalow and headed to our last destination – Shoalhaven beach.

Shoalhaven beach ( also known as the seven mile beach ) was famous for its seven mile walk, medium waves and its beautiful scenery. However when we arrived the tides were strong, and the seven mile no where to be seen, the visibility was covered by the foggy ocean mist. It wasn’t our day, and on top of that one of our friend was feeling under the weather. Like any other best friends we did a top gear and left her in the car.

The three of us journeyed the fogged seven mile walk. This walk I was determined not to get wet as I was on my last pair of spare clothes. However it was inevitable. Less than 15 mins into the walk we were stuck between the waves and the sand walls.


I was drenched within the first quarter of the walk. D: My clothes added an extra pound from the sea water and sand. The walk felt as though we had been stranded on a deserted island for weeks. It brought out the inner manly instincts. We chanted manly tunes along the beach. The chant was what kept us going.


The second most interesting battle after Mayweather vs Pacquiao

On the walk back we had some brawls to see who can dunk each other first. I was quickly exhausted even though adrenaline was pumping through my body. I seemed to be a natural at getting dunked by my friends. We left once the current got stronger.


The Drive Back
2.5 hour drive back to Sydney. The drive back was quiet. Everyone was mentally and physically worn out from the whole trip.

SleepuOverall this trip was one of my most spontaneous trip. Rating 10/10. I would highly recommend others to check out the Jervis Bay!



Finding Nemo

Hey guys Nemo here : ). Sorry I’ve been away for the past few months. The first two months of 2015 has been a busy one for me. I decided to spend less time on social media. This gave me a lot of extra time, which I was able to spend on self discovery. It’s been a hectic 2 months of spontaneous journeys which I will share with you guys over the weeks to come.

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” – Bruce Lee

Wattamolla Beach, Royal National Park

February 12th 2015, a spontaneous trip with a few close friends to Wattamolla Beach located in Royal National Park. Now for those who haven’t been or heard of Wattamolla Beach, its a beach famous for its cliff jump onto the lagoon and its cliff side hike. The cliffs are around 7-8m high. Sure you may say that doesn’t sound too high but once you get there you’ll be like hell no. Also 5m is when you start to feel the fear of height.

Oh boy was I excited for this trip at the start, I was talking with my friends on the way how awesome its going to feel when we jump off the cliff. When we arrived at Wattamolla and saw the cliff from a far, it didn’t look too bad, until we step foot onto the cliff and looked down onto the lagoon. Now for those who don’t know me, I’m not a big fan of heights.

Now there were three of us on top of the cliff. The first friend fell off the cliff with ease, he didn’t give it much of a thought, just walked off the cliff and into the lagoon. It was somewhat inspirational? So, now there was two of us left on top of the cliff both still pretty scared, deciding whether to fall or not. Both convincing each other to jump together or jump first. Out of no where, she ran off the cliff, with a loud battle cry following a light scream and a big splash. It happened so quickly my mind could not comprehend it all. I was left alone on top of  the cliff.

Fear – an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

Fear struck me hard when I stepped foot onto the cliff edge. Each time I looked below, more of my non existent confidence drained out of me. I sat there looking down on my friends trying to get encouraged. It’s a funny thing fear, it grows stronger the longer you wait. All I had to do is take one more step and let gravity do its thing. I kept telling myself it was equivalent to me tapping a simple A button to preform an action in a video game.

In the end, fear had took over my body and mind. There was no point of return. It’s a shame I couldn’t make the jump and by the time I had gained confidence my time was up and had to leave, otherwise I would have been consumed by the thunderstorm rain. I learnt a valuable lesson on this journey. First of all, be the first one to jump off, it’s always the worst being the last one standing on top of the cliff with no support behind you ahaha. Second, don’t think, feel. Don’t let your mind take the chance to think about all the danger, the pain that it might bring on your body. Just let it happen. Tap the A button.

“The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment.” – Nemo

WattamollaAlso on the side note

Try out the game that I’ve made with a friend which took 1st place for the Hectic Game Jam #4



Screenshot.420162.1000001 Screenshot.420162.1000002

Henry Saal and I present to you Magic Benny Vs The Woodcutters our Hectic Game Jam #4(make a game in 48 hours) game. You play as Magic Benny, a wizard trying to prove himself to the great wizards by whacking animals to stop the woodcutters from chopping down the tree. We had a great time developing this game and an even greater time showing it around and sharing the fun and laughter with others at the jam.

This Game Jam was particularly special for us as the theme were requested by children in hospitals and orphanages. We were able to make their dream games come true just in time for Christmas. Thanks to Hugo Santos and theHectic Games Jam team for making this all possible! The game is dedicated to John Taylor, Sloan Cross, Thomas White.

You can try Magic Benny vs The Woodcutters a number of ways.
Game Jolt
Windows 8
Android App

Well Ciao for now 🙂

I will be uploading a new post on Let’s talk Basics and more of these Finding Nemo talks. Keep in touch!