Finding Jervis Bay Part 3 Finale

February 19th 2015
A short drive from Chinaman’s we arrived at Collingwood Beach. The beach was vast and had low waves compared to the other beaches. A perfect beach for skim boarding and kite surfing. The sky was populated with local kite surfers. It was a shame that we didn’t have our skim boards nor any kites with us. At first glance the beach didn’t seem to offer much apart from the stunning view. Until we started discovering the hidden gems of the beach. The beach offered many quick sand pits. One particular spot dragged us down to our knees.


We left the beach after satisfying our inner child. On the way back we dropped by the super-market where we stocked up on dinner and some adult treats – more Jack Daniels. Once we got to the bungalow we prepared our dinner. Dinner was pasta. Dessert was Weis’ and Jack Daniels. Another day gone. One more left.


February 20th 2015
I don’t remember much about this morning. I remember waking up on the bed of the second floor. Somehow we had ended up changing beds with the girls. We had a lot to do during the morning. We had to :

  • Clean the Bungalow
  • Reorganise the furniture
  • Pack our bags
  • Eat the leftovers as breakfast
  • Load the car with baggage
  • Lock the Bungalow for the very last time.

It was kinda sad that we had to leave the Bungalow. I got attached to the place during the short stay. The place felt more like home that my actual home in Sydney.
We left the Bungalow and headed to our last destination – Shoalhaven beach.

Shoalhaven beach ( also known as the seven mile beach ) was famous for its seven mile walk, medium waves and its beautiful scenery. However when we arrived the tides were strong, and the seven mile no where to be seen, the visibility was covered by the foggy ocean mist. It wasn’t our day, and on top of that one of our friend was feeling under the weather. Like any other best friends we did a top gear and left her in the car.

The three of us journeyed the fogged seven mile walk. This walk I was determined not to get wet as I was on my last pair of spare clothes. However it was inevitable. Less than 15 mins into the walk we were stuck between the waves and the sand walls.


I was drenched within the first quarter of the walk. D: My clothes added an extra pound from the sea water and sand. The walk felt as though we had been stranded on a deserted island for weeks. It brought out the inner manly instincts. We chanted manly tunes along the beach. The chant was what kept us going.


The second most interesting battle after Mayweather vs Pacquiao

On the walk back we had some brawls to see who can dunk each other first. I was quickly exhausted even though adrenaline was pumping through my body. I seemed to be a natural at getting dunked by my friends. We left once the current got stronger.


The Drive Back
2.5 hour drive back to Sydney. The drive back was quiet. Everyone was mentally and physically worn out from the whole trip.

SleepuOverall this trip was one of my most spontaneous trip. Rating 10/10. I would highly recommend others to check out the Jervis Bay!



Ludum Dare 31: MACHO KNIGHT!

Hey guys Nemo here! I haven’t updated you guys on this but over the weekend I was busy  soloing the Ludum Dare 31! The theme for this Ludum Dare 31 was “Entire game on one screen” For those who are unaware of what a Ludum Dare is, well Ludum Dares are a global online competition for game developers to create a game according to a set theme within a certain time frame, in this case 48hrs(compo) and 72hrs(jam) (I made a post about this previously if you want to learn more on Ludum Dare). So here’s the exciting part, my game. I present to you the mighty “MACHO KNIGHT”.  You play as the mighty Macho Knight. Fling off the hooligans from kidnapping your Lover using your mighty Macho Shield! Theme: I interpreted the word screen as protection, shield hence you have to protect your lover with one screen. And that is the entire game. ahaha

Controls Right Mouse Click To Move Right Left Mouse Click To Move Left Techniques 1. Enemies will fly further if they are hit whilst airborne 2. Boost off by facing in the opposite direction of your incoming enemies 3. Macho Knight’s shield can wear off enemies stamina, making them fall down to the ground (note: point not awarded)

Click here to Play

Click here to my Ludum Dare Page



What Went Right?

1. Soloing

Unfortunately my friend that I did the last Ludum Dare with was unable to attend the jam due to unfortunate exam times. So this time around I decided to solo the jam game which meant I had to work all three aspects of the game (programming, art, design). However with all that work to do, I managed to be able to complete the game with spare time on my hands. It was oddly satisfying on what I can achieve within such a short amount of time.

Hard work does pay off.

2. Fundamental Ideas

This time around I had two core ideas when designing the game. These were: 1. Easy to learn, Hard to Master I personally like games that have a simple learning curve but wields  a deeper mechanic behind it. During the design phase of the game, I referred to games that had similar core beliefs such as dive kick, lethal league, flappy bird. All these games had on thing in common which was having a simple control scheme. This is where I decided to have my game just rely on purely two axis left and right. 10844733_10205323332273045_2059939595_o

(prototype of the game)

2. Fun to watch, Fun to play Physics games are always to watch and play, and that is why i wanted to use the inbuilt physics engine provided by unity. The physics engine created interesting outcomes, seeing boxes fly left and right were some what entertaining. I had a few giggles playing around with the numbers. At one point in the development I just spawned tons of boxes just so that I could fling them away. 10853711_10205329465346368_466539692_o

3. Art

This time around I had to really go simple with my art. So I went with the core three colors (R,G,B) for my character design. The characters came out quite nicely that were both visually pleasing and readable to the user. Overall satisfied Characters Background2

What Went Wrong?

1. Math

Ahaha not gonna lie, I’m not the brightest with math. I had myself a bit caught up having to back to hitting the math books more than I had to look up programming errors ahaha. So I’ve decided to solve some math problems over the holidays! woo

2. File Back Up

At one point in the development my Unity crashed and I had totally forgotten to back up my game so I lost a bit work. What I should have done was to back up different versions of the game onto github so that when something did go horribly wrong I can always reload a previously working version.

3. Fatal Error.

Fatal Error, I don’t know exactly why its occurs to people ahaha. The biggest main problem is I’ve never experienced the fatal error so its really hard to pin point out the cause of it. I need to learn how to find a way to recapture these fatal errors so that I can prevent it from happening.

What I can do better next time?

1. More sleep

Ahaha More sleep. Always More sleep. I was soo dead from not having enough sleep.


Untitled-121 Untitled-12 10834318_10205335113007556_87875909_o menu Anyhow Nemo signing off! Till next time ciao.

Ludum Dare 30 – Finished!

Hey chaps, so Ludum dare has concluded! Ahhh 72 hours seemed like such a long time but it went by so quickly. But then again if it was longer i would have tired myself out. Oh and sorry for not posting on day 2 it was a rather busy day getting most of the features and the artwork implemented into the game in. Day 3 went pretty quickly as I was half occupied by Uni work, but I managed to lose some sleep time and work on polishing the game. I had an awesome blast doing this ludum dare 30 with my friends Zhiming Chen and Steven Kim, I can’t wait for the next ludum dare during december! I highly recommend to all the people out there interested in game development to give it ago. Well time to relax and check out everyone elses game wooot, excited to see all the submissions.

Oh and theres a link below about our game!


Presented by HundredHundred Games

LudumDare Site


Download Here!

Send us your highscore to

Link is a 2D 4×4 fast-paced block building game.

Arrow keys to move

1) Normal (First block you encounter): Gives you 1 point
2) Shooter (Red bandana): Shoots when adjacent spaces are empty.
3) Immune (Grey covered): Immune to cops.
4) Tall (Tall, slim): Irregular shape but gives you 4 points.
5) Fat (Fat, wide): Irregular shape but gives you 4 points.

Sometime in the distant future, the world has become so overpopulated that all forms of interaction has been reduced to a virtual form. You play as a rebel who’s goal is to establish a more natural connection between people.

Watch out though, the cops are not going to let you congregate in such an overpopulated day and age.

Let us Unite with Unity

Hello Happy Easter! Okay, so its been almost 2 months since my last post on this blog, I apologize. I’ll give you a little recap on whats been happening over in my side of life, “University” that’s what has been happening for the past 2 months. So nothing much has been happening, just a lot of essays, programming with OpenGL, some theory studies on Game Development which is sorta fun and all, but it sure did take a lot of my free time which is a shame.

Well that was the little update on things. Here is the real content.

So, I was able to get in touch with an old pal of mine from Singapore and we united together to create a game using Unity. We started brainstorming many interesting ideas together, and ended up with a pretty solid idea. I’m not able to give you guys all the detail of the game, but the game is going to be an 2D arena platformer, a rogue-like. The theme of the game is Mutation which involves the character to mutate to interesting things as the level progress.With a high risk high return system. The games that we got influenced from was, Super Crate Box, BroForce and Battle Block Theatre.

I’ve been working on the character side of the game, and my partner has been working on the enemy side of things. Here is a sneak peak on the programming side of things.Note that there aren’t any art assets present at this moment.

1 2


Well thats all for now ill keep you guys more updated : ) ciao for now.





And so it begins!

The production of Palladium Absolution has come to an end D :. It has been an awesome 6 month journey working alongside the team.We had an awesome launch night of our games and I must say it was a success couldn’t have gotten  any better. I am proud of our team of what they have achieved within the time and the game that we have created in the end. But on the bright side of things Holidays have finally started woot! I have a lot planned for this holiday. I am going to Make games on Unity!, Understand harder Algorithmic logics!, Working with JNJ Games!, Creating Phone Games and also Gymming it hard out! 🙂 So for those who read my blog there’s gonna be a heck load of exciting posts coming up !