Ludum Dare 30 – Finished!

Hey chaps, so Ludum dare has concluded! Ahhh 72 hours seemed like such a long time but it went by so quickly. But then again if it was longer i would have tired myself out. Oh and sorry for not posting on day 2 it was a rather busy day getting most of the features and the artwork implemented into the game in. Day 3 went pretty quickly as I was half occupied by Uni work, but I managed to lose some sleep time and work on polishing the game. I had an awesome blast doing this ludum dare 30 with my friends Zhiming Chen and Steven Kim, I can’t wait for the next ludum dare during december! I highly recommend to all the people out there interested in game development to give it ago. Well time to relax and check out everyone elses game wooot, excited to see all the submissions.

Oh and theres a link below about our game!


Presented by HundredHundred Games

LudumDare Site


Download Here!

Send us your highscore to

Link is a 2D 4×4 fast-paced block building game.

Arrow keys to move

1) Normal (First block you encounter): Gives you 1 point
2) Shooter (Red bandana): Shoots when adjacent spaces are empty.
3) Immune (Grey covered): Immune to cops.
4) Tall (Tall, slim): Irregular shape but gives you 4 points.
5) Fat (Fat, wide): Irregular shape but gives you 4 points.

Sometime in the distant future, the world has become so overpopulated that all forms of interaction has been reduced to a virtual form. You play as a rebel who’s goal is to establish a more natural connection between people.

Watch out though, the cops are not going to let you congregate in such an overpopulated day and age.


Ludum Dare 30!- Connected Worlds – Day 1 complete

Hey guys Nemo here, its been a while since i last posted. On the flip side I am currently attending ludum dare 30 with another friend woo, as I promised you guys and myself :). So a little background of the event, Day 1 has been complete. The theme for this ludum dare was “Connected Worlds”. At first glance my friend and I were stumbled on where to start, the theme seemed hard to approach, but after 3 hours of discussion we managed to pick out an interesting game that we both wanted to create. For this project we both shared the programming task and art task, and we were able to get our first playable and fun prototype up within the first 6 hours which was quite an achievement. I’ll explain the game once the game is more complete as I am currently running out of ludum time!ludumdare30pic


I’ll keep our progression updated so be sure to click that refresh button! For all you other ludum dare competitors Good Luck and I hope to see your awesome games in 2 days time!

Let’s talk Fiffy Shades of Grey

Hey Guys, so this week I’ve been reading the book 50 shades of grey ahaha, I’m just kidding I don’t read. Jokes aside, so this week I’ve been doing some work on enhancing my art skills. I’ve been learning on how to draw with values. Drawing with values excludes the use of colours and only uses shades. Shades are anything in between the range of complete black to pure white. So why draw with values? Well drawing with values is an essential skill for any artist. It makes the illustration process simpler as it divides the process of shading and colouring, not only that it helps reinforce the composition in your drawing.

So here are some of the work I’ve been working on. These images were all draw in photoshop.

Kyla2 Littleboba steve Values


Well thats all for now ciao ciao : )

P i x e l

Nemo here : )  I’ve been busy oever this week with making some Pixel Characters of my friends. I realized how I really love working with pixel art, working at the simplest level > known as the Pixel Level. As a game developer I find pixel art or style a great starting point if you wanted to start creating your own 2D game. The pure reasoning behind this is because the art style is simple, you don’t have to have to put a lot of detail in your characters or background and also if you want to talk about the technical side of things, pixels aren’t process heavy. Hence Pixel art/style is still being used on computer games and also new mobiles games. There a lot of  2D game engines that work with sprites such as Gamemaker ( and also Flixel( both great Softwares. Oh and also to Draw pixel art there’s Photoshop a paid software and also Gimp ( and Paint ( both great tools.

However Ahahaha, Pixel art does take a bit a of time to get used to, as you work with a limited canvas size in which you have to represent the traits of your unique character. Colors is also another big issue at first working with pixel art and you really have to take some time learning about color theory and how colors work with other colors. Pixel art limits your color palette and so you have to choose very wisely. A lot of people get mixed up when shading in colors. There are also Pixel techniques such as Anti Aliasing, Dithering, Pixel Clusters, Banding and a lot more. Later Ill do a tutorial on some of these pixel techniques : D

Think Simple.

Promotional Game Is Up And Ready

It’s Finally Up and Running “PALLADIUM ABSOLUTION The FALL” ! This has been a project between Henry and I, only to promote our UDK game Palladium Absolution through an app game. For this project I took care of the art assets whereas Henry took care of all the technical side of the project. We are thinking of making this game better in the upcoming weeks with updated sound, and also more gameplay. Currently the gameplay is very simple only requiring one finger, we want to enhance this. 🙂 

Download the game for free : ) and have a blast guys!

Fight the odds! Blast aliens, Get upgrades and bigger guns to help save Earth!

The first few hours of the invasion of Earth were devastating and after most of our defences had been crushed our foes set their eyes on the Palladium. Play as the sole survivor of the Palladium power station and defend the city while the people are evacuated. You know the stakes, you cant last forever but you can sure as hell take as many of them down as possible while letting civilians escape.

Palladium Absolution – the Fall is set years before the Palladium core was split into two. When the earth had sole possession of its magnificent power. Defend earth against the unknown alien enemy using the Palladium Cannon. A device of unlimited power. Fire at invading enemy ships by tapping your touch screen and collect various attribute upgrades to strengthen the Palladium Cannon. You must fend off the alien invasion as long as you can to give earth time to evacuate!

– Endless waves of enemy ships for endless game play.
– Obtain random upgrades from defeated alien ships which alter the way you fire or even duplicate the Cannon.
– Retain your attribute upgrades after being defeated to allow you to progress farther with every play.

Palladium Absolution – the Fall is a small promotional game made on the side of our main project Palladium Absolution which you can check out here:

Business Cards

So today has been an interesting and productive day for me. I decided to design myself my very own Business Card for the upcoming game launch night. I wanted my card to stand out to the people that I handed out to on the day. This required a lot of time on planning and research. Since I had a good understanding of how pixel art worked, I decided to base a character which would resemble myself on the business card. This card will also be unique in the way that the character will be shown from both front and the back. Since I was going for an simplistic art style, I wanted my overall business card to be neat and simple. Nothing more than just the main information that were required to be represented to the people.

I began drawing myself with pixels and i came up with this.

Myself Pixelized

Overall Back and Front of the businessCard

The Overall picture, I was quite satisfied with the overall picture the colours worked well. But however these colours are needed to be adjusted, as printers are not able to produce the exact same colours as these. So this is what I spent my day today.

“Simplicity is Sophisticated”

Alix Ho

The quote inspired me to create a simplistic business card