Ludum Dare Results!

Hey Nemo signing in, It’s been a while since I’ve gotten the results for ‘Link’ the game that my friend and I created for Ludum Dare 30! however i was unable to make a post in time. Back to the news! One word ‘Wow’. So my friend and I were both surprised and humbled at the results that we got back. Here is the run down!


Coolness 69%
#9 Fun(Jam) 4.18
#33 Innovation(Jam) 4.03
#45 Overall(Jam) 3.95
#72 Humor(Jam) 3.52
#75 Audio(Jam) 3.81
#124 Mood(Jam) 3.65
#270 Graphics(Jam) 3.63
#413 Theme(Jam) 3.11

Okay, so the table might not make a lot of sense to those who are new to Ludum Dare. Well, the #no. next to the category is a rank. Which means ‘Link’ made it into the top 100 list! tied at 45th place out of a total of 1045 other game entries. The highest rank obtained was for the fun category which came at 9th place, which meant the game was entertaining (wooo). And the lowest rank was theme (aww) ahaha, I guess my metaphorical interpretation of connected worlds was too vague and nonexistent. Something that I’ll work on for the next Ludum Dare 31+! : )

I’d like to thank everyone who voted and commented! For all the helpful feedbacks and kind comments. I look forward to the next Ludum Dare to achieve better results :D.

For those who have not yet tried the game here is a link to ‘Link’

So what’s next Nemo?

What to do, what to do with the game now. Well, I do want to work on adding a few new features such as a tutorial, an online high score board and enhance graphics (some feedback said the cop lights were giving them seizure ahaha). Apart from those small features, I am not sure if my friend and I will be making ‘Link’ into a full game (a proper story, progressive level, more gameplay). I have no definite plans at the moment. As for now the game itself is what it is ‘a short Ludum Dare Game’ and I sorta like it the way it is. I’ll keep you guys updated if there happens to be any new plans to game.

Overall, taking part in this competition was a very positive experience, it helped me grow into a better game developer,  a better version of myself.

Nemo out.