Let’s Talk Ludum Dare!

Hello, I have BIG news to everyone who is interested in game development. Two words “Ludum Dare”.

Whats so big about Ludum Dare you ask? Well. It’s an online game jam. Anyone in the world can participant in this event. Each event run for 48 hours during the weekends, and are judged by the community. Ludum Dare events are held out only three times a year(April, August and December) with all new themes. Themes can range from anything vague such as infection, random, to more specific themes such as 10 seconds.  Games must contain the theme and are required to be explained through a documentation by the game developers.

Ludum Dare is an awesome way for you to show your off your passion for game development and not only that its a great community experience. It only happens three times so might as well join in. Don’t worry if you can’t make awesome fancy games! No judgment from the growing community, the community is awesome/friendly and they are people like you game developers! Thats the beauty of Ludum Dare. Make Games. Share Them! Have Fun! ;]

Ahhh I can’t believe I just found out about LUDUM DARE! missed out on so many events sighh, there have been already 29 events. The theme for the April 2014 was beneath the surface. Can’t wait to see the games that have been created!

I am going to prepare myself for the August 2014 Event! And I hope to see all of you guys there! I truly recommend you guys to get on aboard the LUDUM DARE August 2014!!

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