Let’s talk Fiffy Shades of Grey

Hey Guys, so this week I’ve been reading the book 50 shades of grey ahaha, I’m just kidding I don’t read. Jokes aside, so this week I’ve been doing some work on enhancing my art skills. I’ve been learning on how to draw with values. Drawing with values excludes the use of colours and only uses shades. Shades are anything in between the range of complete black to pure white. So why draw with values? Well drawing with values is an essential skill for any artist. It makes the illustration process simpler as it divides the process of shading and colouring, not only that it helps reinforce the composition in your drawing.

So here are some of the work I’ve been working on. These images were all draw in photoshop.

Kyla2 Littleboba steve Values


Well thats all for now ciao ciao : )


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