Whats Been Happening with Nemo

Cheers to Everyone, and a late Happy New Years to all those readers out there :D. It has been a while since I have last posted anything onto my blog, and I apologize for that ( Sorry ). I have been caught up with a lot of things, the holiday season(Christmas, I hope you guys got Awesome presents from your loved ones), Birthday ( I am 20 now, Yikes), New Years, Working/Studying, Game Development and also a little stress relieving Games time to time ah aha. So here is my  New Years Resolution to you guys, I will make sure to keep you guys up to date more regularly and post you guys up with more interesting topics on Game Development.

So here is sneak peak of whats been happening on the Game Development side of my life. All of the basic fundamental functionality of the game is complete, this includes the player controls, camera tracer, collision detecting code, objects, enemy AI, AI spawner. As for the art side, I haven’t managed to create a lot assets and only got to make the basic sprites for the main character. I realized that Time was a big issue.


Collision Detection, I created arrays that would trace whether if any object was in the way, if there are objects within the arrays the character cannot move forward.


Some of the Sprites from the Sprite sheet. Using 2D toolkit provided by the UNITY store, it made it easier for me to create sprite sheets for the main character.


The overall basic testing ground that I have been using for a while. Here I spent at least a month testing all of my functionality these included the collision detection, AI spawns and also their behaviors, camera tracing, player spawning once they had dropped to a certain distance, and also sprite animations, ah good memories.

So whats happening now with the game?

Well, now that I have all of the functionality of a basic game, I am focusing myself into creating the Story for the game and also the Pacing of the game. I chose the topic “ButterFly Effect” for the story. For those who are not aware of the butterfly effect, it is when a large and far reaching impact occurs due to a very small event. Such as killing a small insect like a butterfly can lead to the extinction of a certain animal species due to a chain reaction in which the specific butterfly not being able to pollinate the flowers which causes the animal to die out as it only eats that sort specific flower. Its a really in depth subject, and I think it is a great place to create a game out of this topic. Endless possibilities. I keep you guys updated with the story part of the game as I am still working on it 🙂

Well that’s all for now.

Ciao for now!


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