Failure is the stair to Success

I have Failed in regards of creating a functional game within the first week. Throughout the first week I was able to create a game that barely had any objects within the environments apart from the default grey colored platforms, the level itself had no finishing condition and had to be manually exited, the character itself was a static image that was able to do certain actions such as move and jump. During the first week I have confronted some complications, these complications included

1. Programming language barrier.

– I had a change in mind as to which language I was going to program the game with. My first initial thought was to use JavaScript as it can be used for both web development and also game development within Unity or for Websites. However after a lot of researching and talking with the game developers that are using Unity, C# seemed to a better choice. This due to the fact that C# was more object oriented compared to JavaScript and Boo. So half way during the week I shifted towards working with C# rather than JavaScript which meant I had to convert all of my previously written code into C#, which took a fair bit of time.

2. Art

– Creating all the assets from scratch was not an easy task. I even tried to shortening down the load of art assets that were required and still seemed a fair bit.

I have taken on such an ambitious task for myself within the first week, in other words I have bitten off more than I can chew. However I see this Failure to be a positive thing, because I tried to take on a task that was out of my reach. If i had succeeded during this first week I have not pushed myself to my full limits. To me Success is just a measurement of what one has accomplished, whereas failure reveals the scope of one’s ambition and desire. Most importantly of all things, failure guides us along the path to greater future Success. In other words Failure in one endeavor can lead directly to Success elsewhere. 

Success Diagram

The sweetest victory is the one that’s most difficult. 



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