P i x e l

Nemo here : )  I’ve been busy oever this week with making some Pixel Characters of my friends. I realized how I really love working with pixel art, working at the simplest level > known as the Pixel Level. As a game developer I find pixel art or style a great starting point if you wanted to start creating your own 2D game. The pure reasoning behind this is because the art style is simple, you don’t have to have to put a lot of detail in your characters or background and also if you want to talk about the technical side of things, pixels aren’t process heavy. Hence Pixel art/style is still being used on computer games and also new mobiles games. There a lot of  2D game engines that work with sprites such as Gamemaker (http://www.yoyogames.com/studio) and also Flixel(http://www.flixel.org/) both great Softwares. Oh and also to Draw pixel art there’s Photoshop a paid software and also Gimp (http://www.gimp.org/) and Paint ( http://www.getpaint.net/) both great tools.

However Ahahaha, Pixel art does take a bit a of time to get used to, as you work with a limited canvas size in which you have to represent the traits of your unique character. Colors is also another big issue at first working with pixel art and you really have to take some time learning about color theory and how colors work with other colors. Pixel art limits your color palette and so you have to choose very wisely. A lot of people get mixed up when shading in colors. There are also Pixel techniques such as Anti Aliasing, Dithering, Pixel Clusters, Banding and a lot more. Later Ill do a tutorial on some of these pixel techniques : D

Think Simple.


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