Promotional Game Is Up And Ready

It’s Finally Up and Running “PALLADIUM ABSOLUTION The FALL” ! This has been a project between Henry and I, only to promote our UDK game Palladium Absolution through an app game. For this project I took care of the art assets whereas Henry took care of all the technical side of the project. We are thinking of making this game better in the upcoming weeks with updated sound, and also more gameplay. Currently the gameplay is very simple only requiring one finger, we want to enhance this. 🙂 

Download the game for free : ) and have a blast guys!

Fight the odds! Blast aliens, Get upgrades and bigger guns to help save Earth!

The first few hours of the invasion of Earth were devastating and after most of our defences had been crushed our foes set their eyes on the Palladium. Play as the sole survivor of the Palladium power station and defend the city while the people are evacuated. You know the stakes, you cant last forever but you can sure as hell take as many of them down as possible while letting civilians escape.

Palladium Absolution – the Fall is set years before the Palladium core was split into two. When the earth had sole possession of its magnificent power. Defend earth against the unknown alien enemy using the Palladium Cannon. A device of unlimited power. Fire at invading enemy ships by tapping your touch screen and collect various attribute upgrades to strengthen the Palladium Cannon. You must fend off the alien invasion as long as you can to give earth time to evacuate!

– Endless waves of enemy ships for endless game play.
– Obtain random upgrades from defeated alien ships which alter the way you fire or even duplicate the Cannon.
– Retain your attribute upgrades after being defeated to allow you to progress farther with every play.

Palladium Absolution – the Fall is a small promotional game made on the side of our main project Palladium Absolution which you can check out here:


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