Business Cards

So today has been an interesting and productive day for me. I decided to design myself my very own Business Card for the upcoming game launch night. I wanted my card to stand out to the people that I handed out to on the day. This required a lot of time on planning and research. Since I had a good understanding of how pixel art worked, I decided to base a character which would resemble myself on the business card. This card will also be unique in the way that the character will be shown from both front and the back. Since I was going for an simplistic art style, I wanted my overall business card to be neat and simple. Nothing more than just the main information that were required to be represented to the people.

I began drawing myself with pixels and i came up with this.

Myself Pixelized

Overall Back and Front of the businessCard

The Overall picture, I was quite satisfied with the overall picture the colours worked well. But however these colours are needed to be adjusted, as printers are not able to produce the exact same colours as these. So this is what I spent my day today.

“Simplicity is Sophisticated”

Alix Ho

The quote inspired me to create a simplistic business card


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