Weekly Challenge!

I have decided on setting myself a weekly challenge to create a game that will be used for my portfolio!.

What is this and why would you do this Nemo?

Each week I am going to set myself a task to create small functional games (that has unique features). These small functional games will then be used for the final project in which will be the game that will be uploaded onto my portfolio page. I got inspired by this bloke http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdwUkYrHosk , He recreated minecraft within a week. If he can do it, I can do it too! This weekly challenge is a way to test myself and also improve myself in programming and also in arts, as ill be having to do both creating my art assets for the game and also program each and every individual components of the game.

Nemo are you creating your own engine using native language?

Ofc not, that is a challenge for another day : ). The engine that i have decided to use for this project is Unity 3D, I haven’t tried the engine before but from doing some research it seems like the right choice as it can upload the games on the web (the game will be uploaded to itsdaum.com)  and also is a free Engine for non commercial purposes. The engine also supports both c# (an easier version of c++, no pointers Yay), javascript, and                                   … boo …( no one likes you boo… go away. ). Both languages that I am confident in using, thus lessening risk of getting stuck during the weekly challenge. I highly advise you guys to check it out!

http://unity3d.com/ << Its Free and they have an assets sale atm!

How long will this weekly challenge go for Nemo?

This project will run for 3 months( not quite sure if it will be running every week of the month might have it so its every fortnight), I will be updating my progress at the end of each week : ) explaining what went wrong and how i could have improved.

Whats the final game going to be Nemo?

That’s a secret which will be revealed on the final week.

So keep in touch : )

Ciao for now


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