And so it begins!

The production of Palladium Absolution has come to an end D :. It has been an awesome 6 month journey working alongside the team.We had an awesome launch night of our games and I must say it was a success couldn’t have gotten ¬†any better. I am proud of our team of what they have achieved within the time and the game that we have created in the end. But on the bright side of things Holidays have finally started woot! I have a lot planned for this holiday. I am going to Make games on Unity!, Understand harder Algorithmic logics!, Working with JNJ Games!, Creating Phone Games and also Gymming it hard out! ūüôā So for those who read my blog there’s gonna be a heck load of exciting posts coming up !




P i x e l

Nemo here : ) ¬†I’ve been busy oever this week with making some Pixel Characters of my friends. I realized how I really love working with pixel art, working at the simplest level > known as the Pixel Level. As a game developer I find pixel art or style a great starting point if you wanted to start creating your own 2D game. The pure reasoning behind this is because the art style is simple, you don’t have to have to put a lot of detail in your characters or background and also if you want to talk about the technical side of things, pixels aren’t process heavy. Hence Pixel art/style is still being used on computer games and also new mobiles games. There a lot of ¬†2D game engines that work with sprites such as Gamemaker ( and also Flixel( both great Softwares. Oh and also to Draw pixel art there’s Photoshop a paid software and also Gimp ( and Paint (¬† both great tools.

However Ahahaha, Pixel art does take a bit a of time to get used to, as you work with a limited canvas size in which you have to represent the traits of your unique character. Colors is also another big issue at first working with pixel art and you really have to take some time learning about color theory and how colors work with other colors. Pixel art limits your color palette and so you have to choose very wisely. A lot of people get mixed up when shading in colors. There are also Pixel techniques such as Anti Aliasing, Dithering, Pixel Clusters, Banding and a lot more. Later Ill do a tutorial on some of these pixel techniques : D

Think Simple.

Promotional Game Is Up And Ready

It’s Finally Up and Running “PALLADIUM ABSOLUTION The FALL” !¬†This has been a project between Henry and I, only to promote our UDK game Palladium Absolution through an app game. For this project I took care of the art assets whereas Henry took care of all the technical side of the project. We are thinking of making this game better in the upcoming weeks with updated sound, and also more gameplay. Currently the gameplay is very simple only requiring one finger, we want to enhance this. ūüôā¬†

Download the game for free : ) and have a blast guys!

Fight the odds! Blast aliens, Get upgrades and bigger guns to help save Earth!

The first few hours of the invasion of Earth were devastating and after most of our defences had been crushed our foes set their eyes on the Palladium. Play as the sole survivor of the Palladium power station and defend the city while the people are evacuated. You know the stakes, you cant last forever but you can sure as hell take as many of them down as possible while letting civilians escape.

Palladium Absolution – the Fall is set years before the Palladium core was split into two. When the earth had sole possession of its magnificent power. Defend earth against the unknown alien enemy using the Palladium Cannon. A device of unlimited power. Fire at invading enemy ships by tapping your touch screen and collect various attribute upgrades to strengthen the Palladium Cannon. You must fend off the alien invasion as long as you can to give earth time to evacuate!

– Endless waves of enemy ships for endless game play.
– Obtain random upgrades from defeated alien ships which alter the way you fire or even duplicate the Cannon.
– Retain your attribute upgrades after being defeated to allow you to progress farther with every play.

Palladium Absolution – the Fall is a small promotional game made on the side of our main project Palladium Absolution which you can check out here:

Business Cards

So today has been an interesting and productive day for me. I decided to design myself my very own Business Card for the upcoming game launch night. I wanted my card to stand out to the people that I handed out to on the day. This required a lot of time on planning and research. Since I had a good understanding of how pixel art worked, I decided to base a character which would resemble myself on the business card. This card will also be unique in the way that the character will be shown from both front and the back. Since I was going for an simplistic art style, I wanted my overall business card to be neat and simple. Nothing more than just the main information that were required to be represented to the people.

I began drawing myself with pixels and i came up with this.

Myself Pixelized

Overall Back and Front of the businessCard

The Overall picture, I was quite satisfied with the overall picture the colours worked well. But however these colours are needed to be adjusted, as printers are not able to produce the exact same colours as these. So this is what I spent my day today.

“Simplicity is Sophisticated”

Alix Ho

The quote inspired me to create a simplistic business card

Weekly Challenge!

I have decided on setting myself a weekly challenge to create a game that will be used for my portfolio!.

What is this and why would you do this Nemo?

Each week I am going to set myself a task to create small functional games (that has unique features). These small functional games will then be used for the final project in which will be the game that will be uploaded onto my portfolio page. I got inspired by this bloke , He recreated minecraft within a week. If he can do it, I can do it too! This weekly challenge is a way to test myself and also improve myself in programming and also in arts, as ill be having to do both creating my art assets for the game and also program each and every individual components of the game.

Nemo are you creating your own engine using native language?

Ofc not, that is a challenge for another day : ).¬†The engine that i have decided to use for this project is Unity 3D, I haven’t tried the engine before but from doing some research it¬†seems like the right choice as it can upload the games on the web (the game will be uploaded to ¬†and also is a free Engine for non commercial purposes. The engine also supports both c# (an easier version of c++, no pointers Yay), javascript, and ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† … boo …( no one likes you boo… go away. ). Both languages that I am confident in using, thus lessening risk of getting stuck during the weekly challenge. I highly advise you guys to check it out! << Its Free and they have an assets sale atm!

How long will this weekly challenge go for Nemo?

This project will run for 3 months( not quite sure if it will be running every week of the month might have it so its every fortnight), I will be updating my progress at the end of each week : ) explaining what went wrong and how i could have improved.

Whats the final game going to be Nemo?

That’s a secret which will be revealed on the final week.

So keep in touch : )

Ciao for now

Data Structures!

Lets talk briefly about data structures.

When programming games you often need to store information. Such as storing lists of items that your character has, or certain achievements that your players have achieved whilst playing your game.¬†Most commonly array would be used for this situations by programmers. However sometimes you want to do more complicating operations for better performances. I don’t hate Arrays or anything, Arrays are great we all love it, as its in most languages, and easy to declare as they provide handy [] syntax and what not. But the point of this post is to acknowledge that there are other data structures to aid game programmers : ). As a good programmer you should know various types of data structures that can be used to keep your code optimized.

Some of the three common data structures used for games, the Linked List, Tree, and Hash Table, all used for various situations.

The Linked List Data Structure

Similar to arrays as they both store a collection of data, although linked list are not ordered by their physical placement in memory but rather by  logical links (such as pointers in c++ or any reference ).

Each objects or otherwise known as nodes are linked in a linear sequence to other same kind of objects. These nodes contains two fields a “data” field to store whatever element type the list holds for the program and a “next” field which points to the next node. Each nodes are allocated in the heap with a call to malloc(), so the node memory continues to exit until it explicitly deallocates with a free().

The advantages of this linked list allows more flexibility in organizing the data, also provides  a fast method to allocate and deallocate objects from the list.