Working towards the Future

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to present you – 


Its been a busy few days, I have finally took my time to buy myself a domain and create an online portfolio! I hear its the new THING that people do in the IT industry to get a job. It was interesting to see all of the procedures required to put up one little website. First of all I had to research whether if the domain name existed, unfortunately I was a tad bit late on buying the domain name, it got bought  by some company on the April 2013 :/, so I decided to go with which made more sense cause it was a portfolio about myself and not Nemo.  Secondly there needed to be a hosting server to host my website, I went with which was inexpensive and seemed to do what I required. Thirdly the site needed an Admin that could access the server, and also a new database to keep information about the site. After all that Wallaaa, my site was born. After a bit of php and some researching, the site was ready to be looked at.

I will be constantly updating/uploading up my work on this site to show future employers.

Have a look at it : D


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